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Menu C


                             Prosciutto, Pesto and Asparagus Salad
              Prosciutto Ham, Grilled Asparagus, Oven Roasted Tomato and Pecorino Shavings
                      with a Rocket, Pesto, Toasted Pine Nut and Balsamic Salad
                    Sweet Potato, Goats Cheese and Fire Roasted Peppers Frittata
                      With Blush Tomato, Soft Herb Salad and Roquito Peppers
                                    Duck Pancake Stack
                    Shredded Duck and Plum sauce, served with Crispy Pan Cakes,
                           Spring Onions, Cucumber and Hoi Sin Sauce
                                   Crab and Cheddar Tart
                           Served with Chilli and Coriander Sour Cream
                                  Selection of Baked Breads

                                      Main Courses
                                      Two Little Pigs
        Slow Cooked Crispy Pork Belly and Pork and Leek Sausage, with Caramelized Onion and Chive
                  Mashed Potato, Crispy Apples, Tender-stem Broccoli and Red Wine Jus
                                   Rump of  Welsh Lamb
               Marinated and Roasted in Rosemary and a hint of Garlic, with Fondant Potato,
               Spiced and Caramelized Carrot, Buttered Green Beans and Rich Lamb Sauce
                                    Sticky Beef Short Rib
            16 hour Slow Cooked Sticky Beef Short Rib with Hand cut Chips, Roast Onion Puree,
                   Crispy Onions, Traditional Steak Garnish and a rich Red Wine Gravy
                            Hay Smoked Chicken Breast and Pancetta
                  Chicken Supreme Smoked over a bed over hay, with Crispy Pancetta,
                 Chestnut mushrooms, Sticky Red Cabbage, Crispy Kale and Red Wine Jus

                                    Vanilla Crème Brulee
                          With Lemon Shortbread and Fresh Raspberries
                                 Jammie Dodger Cheesecake
              Crunchy Shortbread Biscuit topped with creamy Vanilla Cheesecake Baked with
                    Real Jammie Dodgers served with Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream
                                   Seasonal Berry Pavlova
        A Crisp outer, Chewy center Meringue shell filled with fresh berries, coulis and Chantilly Cream
                           Blackberry and Blackcurrant Frangipane Tart
                    Served with Granny Smith Apple Ice Cream and Crème Anglaise

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