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A warm welcome
           from Olive Tree

         We realize how important your
         wedding  planning is from this
         point on and have therefore put
         together a selection of menus we
         feel will not only compliment your
         venue but will also suit your taste

         But firstly...
         Remember the day is about
         you and therefore we ask when
         choosing  your ideal menu to
         forget  about.....the  person  who
         doesn’t eat Lamb.....the Vegetarian
         who only eats  Chicken and  any
         other  dietary requirements  that
         may persuade you to pick a menu
         in order to “keep it safe”...

         All  our  dishes  have  been
         developed by our own Chefs
         and menus have been designed
         to help you make informed
         decisions about your full catering

         From the initial meeting, your
         menu tasting to the food on the
         day, you can be sure we will work
         with you to provide the very best
         level of service and food for you
         and all your guests.

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